We are a service oriented architecture studio located in Costa del Sol with an offer of quality services and focus on each one of the needs and concerns of our clients, accompanying them throughout the construction or renovation project.

At OM Architects we possess an extensive experience and specialisation in town planning projects, through which we have been able to gain a detailed understanding of the technical, legal and administrative framework necessary for the drafting and processing of all types of town planning projects.

We count with full Project Management service which means we can offer comprehensive project management in all of the stages of the work. From finding and acquiring a property up to the design of the housing, its construction and start-up. All with the maximum guarantees and transparency for our clients.

We offer landscaping services. Our goal is to create authentic natural spaces, according to the needs and the possibilities of our clients’ gardens. We specialise in the development of villas and urban landscaping, with the premise of developing green areas that promote the well-being of people.

The purpose of our Legal Architecture Service is to bring legal peace of mind to our clients. From the integral perspective of this service, we offer our clients more than twenty years of experience in architectural projects in order to help them solve any kind of legal situations and avoid legal setbacks in their construction projects.