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We are an architecture studio located in Sotogrande, in Costa del sol, bearing a clear spirit of service, offering quality work in which all customers’ needs and concerns are fulfilled, accompanying them throughout all the building or remodelling project.

Our motivation is to design unique spaces for each customer, offering a comprehensive service including design and building work.

Nuestra motivación es diseñar espacios únicos para cada cliente, ofreciendo un servicio integral que incluye diseño y obra. 


The design and building of high standing or luxury homes characterizes us in our work. We offer contemporary and avant-garde designs that contrast to the classic and traditional compositions of Andalusian architecture.

Placing every customer’s needs as a priority in every building work we undertake, we aim at achieving the highest levels on design, comfort and quality, with the objective of getting the highest feeling of satisfaction from our customers.

Our wide range of experience in designing residential complexes or multi-family housing, either in height blocks or of extensive nature, allows us to offer our services to promoters in order to build contemporary and modern designs.


Our studio also offers legal support services for building works (legal architecture), landscaping and Project Manager, among other services that we invite you to visit in our website and know more about them.

The result of the design process and the project development, carried out completely aligned with the customer, provides a comfortable home from a functional perspective, where the spaces have been thought accordingly to the customer’s daily dynamics, taking into account the interests and needs posed by the customer before.
We understand the importance of counting on an architect from very early stages in a building work in order to generate value, make the building or extension project profitable, and to maximize your investment.

Therefore, our architects will work with you, they will set up and lead the designer team, managing the planning work stage, and they will help you to choose the most appropriate contractors, as well as the purchases of necessary materials or resources. This will help you to optimize the building budget and to minimize the operating cost of your housing.

We have a wide portfolio of architecture services:
  • Villas
    • New floor
    • Remodelling
  • Residential complexes
  • Senior architecture:
    • Seniors resort
    • Legally protected homes
    • Homes adaptation
    • Senior cooperatives
  • Hotel
  • industry
  • Non-residential buildings and equipment
  • Urban architecture


In OM28 Architects, we maintain an innovative spirit, constantly trying to open new lines of work. From some time ago and up to the present, architecture for seniors has been one of our most ambitious and attractive goals. The different residential formulas in this field allow us to be in first line for this type of building work.

Servicios de Arquitectura | OM28 Architects