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In OM28 Architects, we have an extensive experience and specialization in urban planning projects with which we have accumulated a detailed knowledge of the necessary technical, legal and administrative framework for the drafting and processing of all types of urban plans.



Talking about OM28 Architects is synonym of talking about architecture and urban planning. Our academic background and experience from working in the Local Administration has allowed us to acquire a wide specialization in this field, having intervened in a large number of urban developments at different scales.

Our services include:

  • Planning
    General Plan Modifications
    Partial Plans
    Detailed Studies
    Urbanization Project
  • Acting Projects and Special Plans in
  • Undeveloped Land
  • Ordinances Drafting
  • Inventory of Dwellings in Undeveloped Land
  • Urban Agreement
  • Administrative Grants


In OM28 Architects, we have more than twenty years of experience in Sotogrande and Costa del Sol, developing common spaces, giving priority to productivity, comfort and sustainability.
Urban planning helps in organising and distributing our cities, searching the best life quality of its inhabitants, based on ecological, psychological, economical and sociological principles.
In OM28 Architects, we know that the importance of carrying out a good urban planning of cities lies in the previous design of buildings with the objective of increasing the quality of life for the citizens, prioritizing public spaces, improving environmental conditions and common places security.


  • Connectivity: networked streets to reduce traffic in order to avoid cars concentration. Hierarchical organization of roads and streets. Importance given to zebra crossing in determined places, such as shopping centre.
  • Quality Architecture: Focus on beauty and comfort. Designed spaces where each person is the center of it, intending to stimulate the sense of belonging.
  • Accessibility: everything is always nearby in every neighbourhood, so, wherever a home is, it will be about 10 or 15 minutes from the required place. Friendly streets and spaces design. Use of zebra crossings.
  • Sustainability: Reduction of environmental impact, use of environmental friendly technologies. Development of energetic efficiency, less use of non-renewable fuels. Promotion of local consumption Policies.
  • Green Transports: High-quality train networks connecting cities, towns and neighbourhoods. Smooth streets designed for the use of bicycles and skates.
  • Diversity of buildings: Proportional combinations of homes, shops and workplaces
  • Diversity of people: Integration of socioeconomic levels, ages and races.
  • Grouping of neighbourhoods: Clear delimitation of the areas of the city, around an accessible, clean and beautiful public centre, with a preponderance of vegetation and respect for nature.
  • Increased Density: Buildings, residences and nearby shops and services, promoting walking and reducing the use of vehicles.
Servicio de urbanismo | OM28 Architects

Thanks to our experience, we have learnt that the result of these elements combination offers substantial improvement in people’s qualities of life.