The Sotogrande Reserve

Villa Laurea is located in La Reserva de Sotogrande, the most exclusive area of the Sotogrande development. This project was commissioned by the property in a classic modern eclectic style. Its design takes us back to the nineteenth-century architecture of the boulevards of Paris or the Ensanche in Barcelona, with touches of modernity.

Villa Laurea, Reserva de Sotogrande

The contrast between the white of the building and the black of the carpentry, the railings, the window sills and the light fittings make this house extremely elegant, classic and modern at the same time.
Villa Laurea is a good example of a small-scale home with a reduced layout. The harmony between straight lines and vintage and between formal and irregular makes this an attractive building.
Plot: 2.416 m2
Built housing: 365 m2



Con Hoyo 17 , volvemos a trabajar con Club Houses Living Resort, construyendo una increíble villa en sotogrande, junto a uno de los mejores campos

Villa Feria in Costa del Sol

Located in the upper area of the prestigious Sotogrande urbanisation, this project was approached as an extension of an existing structure. Villa Feria is both